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Integrated solutions for dialysis centers and production systems.

Over the past two decades, our group provided a significant contribution – industrial and clinical – to the development of infrastructures for renal care.


Specifically, our team lead and implemented projects in two types of activities which are tied to the supply of dialysis devices: the installation of dialysis centers and the setup of new factories for the manufacture of dialysis products.

Dialysis Centers

Dialife is in a position to design, procure, set up, operate and/or maintain renal units on turnkey basis at any location worldwide. Specifically, our group can use its experience at installing dialysis centers to:


• Prepare a comprehensive feasibility study

• Plan space arrangement designs

• Supply and set up all the necessary machines, water treatment plant, beds or chairs, equipment, furniture, accessories, consumables and parts

• Train staff

• Assure maintenance


Numerous projects have been realized to date, both for the public sector and on private basis.


Dialife - Dialysis center01
Dialife - Dialysis center02

Production Systems

In certain contexts, favoring local production over import can make strategic sense.


In alliance with local partners, our team installed and run multiple factories for the manufacture of dialysis products, in particular dialyzers, and has substantial know-how in the design, engineering and setup of the required machineries.


As manufacturer and distributor of dialysis products ourselves, our approach is driven by the practical knowledge we derive from continuous production and market presence, which leads us to focus on the desired final results: superior quality output, efficient and scaled production, successful commercialization.


We are in a position to fully pilot the implementation of a new production of dialysis devices, from initial factory plans to market introduction.


Dialife - Production Machines 01
Dialife  - Peoduction machines 02

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